Chanel De Jour…

Pioneering brand Chanel in leadership with the oh so fabulous Karl Lagerfeld, have presented a fantastic array of eye loving shape and print for their SS13 Swimwear Presentation. Most of you will have either heard or seen the magical highlight of the collection; the hula hoop inspired hand on bag. This design is indeed, of large proportions, though Chanel have been renowned for leaving fashion enthusiasts the world round in awe of their repertoire statement in design.

Having written a short feature for my adorable Fashion Magazine crew at CULT HUB MAGAZINE, I was shortly informed about how this design spectacular has been at the forefront of ‘copycat’ accusation. British Designer Ashoosh had apparently produced a bag with relative similarity to that of Lagerfeld’s. Although, in my mind all Art is a statement and design can only be represented in a similar light through inspiration, not direct emulation.

Discuss as we will, and with no sense of offense to Ashoosh, who by the way, is an excellent Designer in the British Fashion stakes, but Lagerfeld’s eye catching hula hoop bag was both inventory and beautiful – perfectly fitting for the ss13 season, to come.

Have a read of my feature for CULT HUB MAGAZINE HERE. 


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