Elle Norway | February 2012 | Siri Tollerod | Biker Chick

Feminine, feline, casual flair – the all encompassing look in Elle Norway’s February 2012 feature Issue, with Siri Tollerod.

This is Biker love, personified. Educating a fashion force, formidable and vital to this Spring Summer 2012 trend stakes.

A glorious frenzy of leather statement, lurex, lycra, denim and printed sheers – being biker savvy never seemed so sexy.



3 thoughts on “Elle Norway | February 2012 | Siri Tollerod | Biker Chick

    • Valued opinions there. The shoot itself is neither meant to be quote on quote ‘inspiring’, it is advertising the look for biker chick trend assimilation of the season – Elle magazine keeps to true form in regards to seasonal trends, if we are looking at niche magazines in fashion then yes, there would definitely be multiple messages within each element of imagery. But thank you for your opinion 🙂

      • Haha, looking at my comment again it seems a little bit harsh. Its just, I am norwegian, so I have read norwegian Elle a couple of times before, and the magazine itself is really not good, for several reasons…

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