Factice Magazine | Issue 10 | Février 2012 {Editorial Bookmark}

Alina Mirica gracing the cover of February 2012 Issue 10 of Factice Magazine. Ellen Kergoat and Johnathan Liang have done a splendid job here.
Pure Editorial Inspiration.

3 thoughts on “Factice Magazine | Issue 10 | Février 2012 {Editorial Bookmark}

  1. Absolutely is an amazing job – such a bold, dramatic image, really captivating!! And Alina is so gorgeous, such beautifully defined cheekbones, & stunning eyes! I really can’t say enough good things about this 🙂

    Stay fabulously stylish, 😉

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

  2. Yo!
    I’m just looking over this to actually warm my very own little brown eyes & my very own soul :p
    Is undoubtedly soo freezing outside the house!
    That brings to my mind, did you know that the cold winter months from 1932 was so that chilly which experts claim that Niagara Falls froze completely!? : ), nvermind! A Blissful Valentines Day!

    With honest interest,
    Setsuko Kicks

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