Artistic Spirit | Guy Denning + Frank Rannou Private Gallery Viewing

Hello, hello beautiful Stylers!

Hope your Friday is going wonderfully well. Update on the Art scene, I had the privilege of being invited to the Private Gallery Viewing of Guy Denning and Frank Rannou’s ‘We are All Prostitutes’, at East London’s Signal Gallery.

Now, for those of you a little less open to the free willed impersonation of Art as we know it, do not be in any way disheartened by the title of the gallery showcase – the most poignant element to all formidable Artists, is to fuel the etymology into your mind and soul; acknowledgement of the origin and concept behind each painting. Denning and Rannou represent this perfectly – focussing on the element of rooted personalities, experiences and emotion.

Guy Denning is one of my favourite Artists, to date. Meeting the man himself was beyond amazing. Denning’s work was accompanied by the charasmatic, enticing talent of Frank Rannou – an Impressionist artist who stays resolute in his belief of ‘Painting in representation of the fierce.’

‘We are All Prostitutes’ opens from today through to 11th February, 2012. Those of you that have an interest in the translucent meets captivating world of artI thoroughly suggest a viewing.

My previous feature on Guy Denning for TDR can be read HERE

Full Private Viewing  feature will be appearing in TALL DARK ROAST, Canada, shortly.



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