Zadig et Voltaire SS/12 x Erin Wasson | {Editorial Bookmark}

Happy Friday Stylers! With a pledge to fashion week loyalty (my reprise to all elements BFW related) editorial write ups have been in a flurry – not to worry though – my freelance editorial schedule is taking better shape as we speak. Look out for my features at the end January, into the fabulous month of February.

As always, your faithful Sosostyle Author brings you the best flavours in SS/12 style. Zadig et Voltaire has always been rejoiced for it’s luxe, casual meets edgy rock chick glamour, when it comes to conveying off beat style. This SS/12 sees ZV showcasing a sought after range of  infinite cut denims, chiffon, silks, lurex and light contour knits for your style wardrobe – bought to you by an extraordinary collaboration with Model meets designer Erin Wasson.

Remaining a firm favourite in the casual fleet, model Erin Wasson is ZW’s SS/12 collaboration pieces,  inspired by the flamboyance and rock and roll nature of icon Rod Stewart, comes as no surprise. Following Wasson’s triumphant standpoint as fashion face for H&M, Victoria’s Secret and Gap, to name a few.  Zadig et Voltaire seemed like the fitting choice for an independent collaboration, excelling the model’s desire to build on her love for design. Wasson embodies all the essential components of the ZW Woman; presenting their collection with a slick style, oozing sensual flair and modelesque composure.

Although Wasson has clearly said she has no wish to launch her own label at this point in time – her ability to relay today’s genre influences through the means of style and original design, certainly separates her from her model counterparts.

The camera loves her, just as we love Zadig et Voltaire.



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