Fleetwood Mac ~ An Ode to the 80’s…

Hello Stylers! After a beautiful evening at Soho House, spent with a few of my dearest friends – one musical wonder came to mind. Yes, my friends and I often chat about the days of ‘free music’, those moments where only a song could work parallel to certain emotions and predicaments. This would be the best way to describe musical legends, Fleetwood Mac.

The haunting vocals of Christine McVie pay tribute to a time where romanticism and literal message took centre stage in the world of poetic lyricism – Songbird always touches those emotive strings – after all, the words ‘I feel that when I’m with you, it’s alright… I know it’s right… And the songbird’s are singing, like they know the score… and I love you, I love you, I love you… like never before’, could only be delivered with as much genuine expression, as Miss McVie did. Another whimsical wonder from this hypnotic band is the much loved ‘Everywhere’, which I remember having on heavy replay whilst driving around the centre of Paris last year – Oh how we love the 80’s!

For those of you who are nodding your heads at this point – enjoy. For anyone who has never heard these genius scores by one of the 80’s most significant musical groups, this is poetically inspired music, personified.




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