An Ode to Dance…

Happy Tuesday Stylers! As I shape up for an evening of fun – the buzz of all things glitter and gold are creating a shimmer reflective, it’s that time to pump up the volume, sing along and sway my hips whilst applying the canter of L’Oreal lipgloss.

As most of you may know, if I didn’t become a Fashion Journalist, I would have been a dancer, having danced contemporary and street since I was 10 years old. Parallel to my love for the creative side – dance has and always will remain a poignant part of my life; symbolic to the art of self expression and movement. Like Fashion, dance prevails a distinct facet in identity and originality. Beautiful, elegant and indelibly sought after.

To date, there are way, way too many dancer inspirations I have in my life – taking a step down memory lane, it was the ballet sensation likes of Maria Tallchief – the queen of prima ballerinas’ and the most aknowledged american ballet dancer of all time.

In more current times, the movement of latin dancing has played an intergral part of contemporary movement – Singing superster Shakira, has taken the relationship between latino, columbian and arabic movement to explosive levels. See Shakira dance here

Adding to this with a more new age ballet twist is Jenna Dewan – best known for her performance in Step Up. Dewan makes even the most intricate of dance moves look so easy – this is breathtaking self taugh choreography and it’s very best. See Jenna Dewan dance here

On the tap to toe scene, I have and always will be in awe of street tap dancing legend, Savion Glover. Seeing him perform at Madison Square Garden three years ago, was indeed a personal highlight for me. Glover literally owns the dancefloor; lives and breathes his art, with an electric fusion of street, shuffle and traditional tap euphoria. See Savion Glover dancing here

In the famous words of Voltaire“Let us read and let us dance -two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.”


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