Lagerfeld’s Bollywood Passage through the Looking Glass…

With the opulence of whiter than white hair, mysterious a la’ Wintour dark glasses charm; Karl Lagerfeld is every bit the Designer muse. His latest catwalk creations, have certainly sealed the excellence of diverse fashion style, to date.  Having quoted  ‘In India even the poorest women own atleast three gold bracelets,Lagerfeld has taken his experience of ‘experimental’ fashion to it’s purest limits, concentrating on the ethical elements of hybrid looks and style influence.

Showcasing a collection, modelled by some of the most sought after names in the international industry, his ethnic burst of shimmering silvers, dusty and vibrant golds, complimented by intricate prints and sequin embodiment, spelt out everything high end, and glamouress.

It is indeed so refreshing to see a collection inspired by the ground rooted values of countries that embellish humbleness as well as classic ideologies of beauty. Definitely a Lagerfeld career bookmark, and one that fellow Designers and insiders can draw numerous, positive influences from.


One thought on “Lagerfeld’s Bollywood Passage through the Looking Glass…

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