It’s as Easy as A,B,C…

Hello Stylers! Firstly, a big, huge – HELLO! to new followers – Thank you for the great comments and feedback on my work. You guys make my heart sing!!

I’m devoting this post to my new found love for Scrabble Necklaces. I’ll admit at first, I wasn’t too starry eyed at the concept of hanging pieces from a game I played when I was seven years old, around my neck – but, with the trend movement of statement wear jewellery, I’m actually loving the look.

Statement wear Jewellery is pretty much the next best thing to wearing something featured like a peacock enthused feather in your trilby, or characterising your favourite pair of loafers, infact, it can for many, be the last accessory venture on their ‘to do style’ list.

I have a selection of favourites – the ‘Love’ , ‘Tea’ and ‘Nerd’ ones hosting particular style interest. Sosostyle in scrabble letters? I’ll have a think about it!



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