Time for the ‘New Look.’

Hello Sosostylers! Firstly a HUGE thank you to all for your support and feedback on my article, in a pretty sweet London Magazine on Sam Edelman – The Press Launch was altogether – fabulous!

Once again I must apologise for being away – I am now Chief Website Editor for an expanding Retail Brand… details shall follow, shortly!

Many thank you’s for the continued support and encouragement from my fantastic freelance Editors!

Now – back to blogging business, or the sacred world of ‘sketch me notes’, as I like to put it. I have a million briefs I would like to share with you, in regards to my buying escapades and continuous appreciation for the world of Fashion, as we know it.

For this post, however, I am sharing with you a new found music love – personally I think these guys need to rendezvous the classic back seats of Black Cab Sessions – note to stylers (My Black Cab Sessions mini feature was posted a little while back on here) The band I am talking about is Canadian Electro Pop duo – ‘New Look.’

Yes, from the stem of Canadian music royalty, comes this magnetic mix of hanting vocals in play with the oh so charged fally of 80’s synthesis hearing pleasure.

If you haven’t heard of these guys – get downloading, I repeat download! The massive rife of what was once, a relatively unknown mask of talent, has now taken centre stage of the Electro Pop scene. Infact, word is Crystal Castles are shaking in their boots…

New Look’s ‘Nap On The Bow’ can be heard here Enjoy!

Sosostyle Approved.


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