Got To Run Premiere Exclusive – In Soso Style

The evolution of the big screen – reinacting the practices of self belief and determination – Suzanne Kendall, two words – Well done!

14th June 2011 – Saw the premiere of ‘Got To Run’ at Empire Cinemas in Leicester Square. I was invited along with my actor friend Ricki Naqvi to view the screening of what can only be described as – inspirational. Directed, written and produced by Robbie Moffat and co – produced by Mairi Sutherland, the film evoked many emotions of the once percieved ‘independent woman’ of our time, playing sentiment to the day to day lives of more conventional, practicing women.

Below: Left to Right – Bruce Lawrence (Co-Starring), Suzanne Kendall (Lead Actress), Jon-Paul Gates (Starring) and Howard Corlett (Starring)

Above: Bruce Lawrence (Co-Starring), Suzanne Kendall (Lead Actress) and Jon-Paul Gates (Starring) Standing outside After Party venue – Salvador and Amanda.

Starring Suzanne Kendall, Jon – Paul Gates and Howard CorlettGot To Run tells the story of a young lady, who makes the journey from Slough based girlfriend to independent, goal driven woman. In a midst of her journey, she decides to merge her love for running with her passion to explore, feel and breathe, with nobody and nothing stepping in her tracks. Feminist manifestation? Maybe, but Got To Run for me, was more about the journey of ones independence, rather than simply being gender orientated. The film drew significant attention to the importance of individual happiness and free will – a matter of forthright intergrity and self preservation, essential to today’s generation.

Below: Paola Berta (PR), Suzanne Kendall (Lead Actress) and Mairi Sutherland (Co-Producer)

Attracting a wide audience – the Got To Run premiere was organised by PR, london based – Actress, Fashion Lover and personal friend Paola Berta – who has worked in PR for a number of years, as well as with her own production company, Sheepish Productions. Paola was both honoured and excited to be hosting an event such as this, saying ” I like the fact Robbie Moffiat, as a writer, is very supportive to women. The film remarks on how we women often make decisions which are wrong or simply convenient to take, at the time.  As a result we find it so hard to move on to a better life and instead, find ourselves stuck in the mud. ‘Got To Run’ is the story of a young, pretty lady that finds strength inside herself to leave all the crap behind, moving on to a better, spiritually grounded, life. This is, in a way, what a lot of us would wish for ourselves.”

The after party, again organised by Paola, was held at Salvador and Amanda; Tapas Restaurant in Leicester Square. Celebrity faces Ricki Naqvi – Actor, Chrys Columbine – Burlesque Dancer and Celebrity Astrologer Valentin Borrisov, were in exclusive attendance. Added to list were some of London’s most sought after Film and Fashion professionals, including Marcus A Pelati – Executive Producer of Couture Fashion Week and Mike Mindel – Producer of horror Movie Don’t Let Him In, which was recently premiered at the BAFTA Awards.

Below: From front row, left to right – Ricki Naqvi (Actor), Chrys Columbine (Celebrity Burlesque Performer), Valentin Borissov (Celebrity Psychic and Astrologer), Marcus A Pelati (Producer – Couture Fashion Week), Top row, left to right – Samar Sadullah (Me! – UK Press), Mike Mindel (Film Producer) and Paola Berta (PR)

After attending the premiere and after party – Marcus A. Pelati had chosen Paola Berta to be his official PR for Couture Fashion Week, opening to the public in London for their first year on September 23rd 2011 – to which Paola is quoted to be “Extremely excited! I am very enthusiastic about working alongside fashion and film industries – I feel they compliment each other, perfectly.”

Below: Ricki Naqvi (Actor), Chrys Columbine (Celebrity Burlesque Performer) and Valentin Borrisov (Celebrity Pyschic and Astrologer)

The evening played happy to all, with a delightful menu of Marinated Chicken Strips, Chicken Wings with lemon and chilly, Meat Balls, Ham Croquettes Iberico, Calamares Fritos, Aquillo Stuffed Peppers and Pataras Bravas, along with plenty of Sangria! With a suprise Michael Jackson inspired dance performance by Ricki Naqvi.

Below: Ricki Naqvi (Actor) Doing a surprise Performance at the Got To Run After Party at Salvador and Amanda.

All Photographs taken By Raymondo Marcus and Ilaria Cacciola – Copyright Owned.


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