Slovenia – Senses of SoSo Style…

When I pardon my fancies at the London Street Style of Soso delectable Punk, glamour, urban and retro – it is only right for me to take a fellow peaking interest in the delights of other fashionista lovers the globe round.

Saying a hello to Barbara Vo – an energetic Photo and fashion loving lady from Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After a few well rounded fashion likes and dislike discussions – Miss Vo very kindly asked if she could take some Slovenia inspired fashionista photographs for me – in true Soso Style. How could I possibly say no?

This is what she had to offer. Love them? In a word YES! Wearing the finest in Berksha, Pull and Bear and Zara and taking inspiration from the finest in H&M boot me scoot me’s and contoured espadrila’s – Fashion Romance has come to life infront of our very own eyes here…

Barbara Vo: “The weather in Slovenia is the same as in England. In April I find it difficult to catch a day with good light, so on some rare occasion it happened I quickly made a photoshoot with my roomate. I also had a little help from my other roomate, especially with makeup. Girl in this “editorial” is a city girl, who likes to have fun. Enjoy Sosostyleme Readers! And Thank you Samar!”

All Photography By Barbara Vo – 

Model: Polona Pilih – Miss Vo’s lovely room mate!


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