The Perfect British Portrait John Rankin {Photographer Bookmark}

I’m wildly captivated by the thrill me, seek me, kiss me photography brings to the eye. Who isn’t? The sensual drive and licensed prerogative so many photographers bring to our attention, is mind blowing.

In line with the growth and freedom of photography comes the sensational ideology and spins to what was once seen as a ‘purpose’ art.

John Rankin, the British Fashion Photographer who knows how to explore the vivacious nature of daring photography, with colour and dusk.

His celebrity work has enamoured the eyes of so many fashion lovers, but his intrinsic focal enthusiasm, in to the world of colour, is startling.

Having his work exposed for some of the most sought after magazine publications and brands, including L’Oreal, Nike, Hugo Boss and Coca Cola,  Rankin enearths his deeper interest in fashion by collectively mastering the skill of film making. Fashion and film – what more would a fashionista with creative flair ask for? His dark visionary representation adds to the sensual stand point, fashion already offers – culminating a relationship between the two, resulting in the futuristic sexual fantasy of our enigmatic fashion world.

His Beauty film for Volt Magazine, sent the fashion world in a spin – highlighting the unparalleled traits of Rankins talents.

Short Fashion films such as  Caroline and Tiger Tuuli for Tiger Magazine again represent the dark meets sensual world of 21st Century fashion, with an expressive sentiment of desire and style magic.

This is creative captivation and direction, at it’s definitive best.


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