Eighties Rhythm, Grace Division

In absolute honour and time lined link to my eighties love for this season – comes another icon and subsequently divine figure of fashion – Grace Jones. Ok, we have blogged, written and shared our collective points of view, on the diamond elements of core fashion, illustrative style and movement of this season’s bright lit runways – fresh and charming. However, there are people who maintain an ever lasting presence in the industry.

Grace Jones wil alwaysl be in my mind, as mosts, the queen of eighties hearts when it comes to innovative, flagged eighties fashion.

Drawing vision to a more controversial light to avante garde meets spirited and for the most, eccentric demures of fashion. No sentiment tags here, and if there were – they would simply say ‘Outrageous.’

In more reflective times, and when the fashion world rubs shoulders with an abundance of yesteryear inspiration – the illustrations of Grace Jones have proved to be a metaphor for good fashion; a level of substance and admiration in an otherwise less flamboyant fashion world.

Emulating her signature stage and photographic looks is heavily repeated, hardly surprising as a woman of her nature deliverd so much more than just a ‘shot’ to the camera.

Janelle Monae and Rihanna, have been blighted as ‘copying’ Jones‘s look – with Monae being named ‘A girly Gracey‘, in many media domains.

Despite the character and illustrious similarities, Jones remains a firm lead in the icon stakes – dominating a more characterized look at a time that radical portrayal was an unpresedented issue. With her catalogue of extravagant wear and style on and off the camera – a Jones reinvention for this season, is perfectly matched with the suiting and booting style of the season to come.


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