Kate Bush – Glow to the Rush

State THIS – From a pilgrim of many, many eighties icons, and then before, there is one lady in the glossy sections and microphone buddy stage that has never failed to catch ones eye.

Kate Bush, who first made her musical debut in the Seventies, and through the eighties, has to be one of the finest examples of eighties funk fashion in friendship with her inoquivacal pioneering music.

Not one to step so soundly in to the lime light – Bush is first and foremost a dancer, a performer. Her stage presence was remarkable, with a fitting code to a more eccentric delivery and non conventional performance.

All encompassing, Bush made the glitter ball eighties an innovative point for quirky glamour. In honesty of her initially hippy related charm and style, the eighties saw Bush as well as other phenomenal stars light the dark with the stand point disco theme.





Feminine, chic and edgy – the cool persona and electric feel to Bush‘s on stage art, was both tasteful and prominent. Given the redeeming trend of eighties generation fashion – icons like Bush are ever the reflection of quintessential big hair, disco pants and bright, glitter frenzy make up.

All hail the Eighties! An era unlike any other!



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