Jen Kao – Seasonal Flows


Known for being the Pioneering Princess for the Body Con dress look – New York based Designer Jen Kao took to immeasurable new heights with her S/S 2011 and A/W 2011 Collections.


Renowned for her sleek, bold meets monochrome edgy wonders in design, Kao has made a name for youthful chic, mystique on the runway. Deep moulded colours, tonic stitching condoning cuts and original masked designs – Kao has represented her name in bright head lights, securing her image and repitoire for being one of the top listed in New York City.


Driving forces with a credential of well known jewellery designers has continued to mentor her own individual path in to the fore front of the fashion industry – adding to a wave of demure, authentic catwalk master pieces.


Fresh, gritty and staement making – her exploration and natural engagement with todays modern street savvy lady is eveident, to say the least – a conveyance of hard hitting street style looks with a sprinkling of colour extravagance.

Her S/S and A/W 2011 Collections in keep with the sillouhette style esque impression she has delivered in prior collections – but this time she has tailored her own special twist. A more euphoric use of colour – from lighter creams, opaque whites with shimmers of pearly pinks to a more mixed celebration of hybrid, bright palates for A/W.





















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