Talkin’ About Our Generation

So the enthralling week of Paris Fashion Week came to an end – with a firey selection of fused mixes of fashion inspiration, sleek chic colour demure and a licence to thrill all fashion niche enthusiasts – lets face it, fashion week’s globally make for sterling paths to innovative, individual style – incorporating the best of the best in street style and chic romantic flair.

This season has boasted an array of quirky, conceptual street style, with the growing crowd of street bloggers on the fashion scene, Fashion Week’s play homage to style innovation, where we embellish the most acute accounts of the finest in extraordinary style illustration.

Paris and London – in my opinion are cities of opulence in regards to street style. From chic to dazzling to urban and retro mixed. Everyone has their own untouched impersonation.

A sentiment portrayal of monochrome to colourful – with an increase in personalised identity, emulating the comfort and character of yesteryear with current fabric flavouring and dynamic tailoring.

In concrete reflection of our uniqlo wonderings in to the world of fashion – the best of the best street stylers can magically convey a contentment in the flow of their outfits – effortless with amazing results. Here are a few of the best examples of Paris and London Street style, to date.

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