Tell it to The Feet – Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell – the shoe designer extraordinaire that every woman adores. As featured in My Beautywowza Magazine Article here The more people that signify a fascination of sixties and senventies fashion – the more innovation there is for clothes and shoes.

Completely in love with The Pixie Black Suede design – sexy, sleek and so flattering to those extended pins! But my flutters don’t stop there. Intrinsic fabrics, intelligent layerings of leather, tassles to high edged heels – open toe block colour wedges, buckle mayhem and army meets Doc Marten esque street glamour.

Campbell first came to the fashion scene in over ten years ago – and has energed as the fashion choice for fashion nomads globally.

Campbell‘s inspirations are the vintage scene, catwalk trends and the grind of daily life – with differing seasonal offerings to their collections – the Jeffrey Campbell name became a household name in the US, and has now become one of the most sought after footwear brands across the world.

Taking full appreciation of seasonal catwalk trends, Campbell aligns his designs with a concept of compliment and innovation. For a more statement making look, Campbell‘s collection, hosts a sphere of designs that can instantly make an outfit, as well as complete it.

For any woman that desires the rebel street look or blossoms at the first sight of dazzle design – Jeffrey Campell Shoes are by far, the best of the best.


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