The Oz Factor – Ellery {Designer Bookmark}

With her extraordinary sense of colour and shape – Kym Ellery has accelerated the movement of Australian Fashion like no other.

With a coordinating repitoire for in mixed colour detail and definace, Ellery persuades the shades of non minimal fashion like a springing to the nest.

With influences such as Scanlan and Theodore – renowned for their break in callypso colour, Ellery fuses the magnitude of chic, tough and romantic, with the splendor of sophistication and audible elegance.

Her love for Asymmetrical, tailoring is evident in her primary collections – basing the contour of rational suiting and booting with a squeeze of illustrious flavour.

Debuting in 2007, her highlight for me has been her A/W 2010 Collection titled ‘A Tribute to Dr Strange.’ A mirage of simple undertones, and clear cut shapes – a fashion liberation of the sixties. Thigh high boots screaming chic, street wise and sexy. Her ornate designs are worn with pride amongst the society youth and australian ‘It Girls.’

Baring a similarity to the likes of Acne and Anna Vest StasiaEllery‘s collections add that essence of drama to your wardrobe – worn through the day or night, the simplest accessorising of an Ellery jacket can jazz up any monochrome outfit.

With the sensual hearing to her seasonal campaigns – Ellery makes no secret of her love for moulding sensuality with fashion. Though ready to wear, her signature of dazzling fearless energy, plays routine to her love for edge and originality in her designs.









Her A/W Collection spruces the variants of tweed, cotton and wool tailoring, with the classic refinery of off the shoulder heavy knits, and flair femininity – the added detail of ruffle design and high shouldered texture, giving the collection a futuristic taste.


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