The World Of Tisci

With the name being on everybody’s lips – Riccardo Tisci has created quite a frenzy this past week. His history with Givenchy speaks volumes, and none to whisper his inspirational sense of extravagance and immeasurable fascination with Haute Courture. Revelling indeed, Tisci has been the forefront of French Fashion home Givenchy since 2005, being appointed Creative Director for the multiple headlining womenswear sections, alluring a presence and vision that has elevated the face of Givenchy like no other.

With the embarking revelations of Tisci being the new replacement to Galliano at Dior – the world of Tisci and his uniqlo direction is being bought in to the limelight. Not to say the designer excellence of Tisci has been kept in dimmer light of late, but his ability and wide appeal will play unmissable in the firm front of Dior‘s designs.

After graduating from London St Martin’s Academy, Tisci‘s movement in to the fashion world was rapid – working with Puma and Coccapani – amidst working with a plethora of international fashion designers such as Sophia Kokosalaki.

With an enarthing and loyalty to his deep catholic roots – Tisci has continued to use hybrid colours, in a matrimonial fashion – constituting deep monochrome selection for a more edgy sleek look, whilst signature friendly to a more pure light collection of palate to women’s couture – the quintessential bridge for romanticism meets sensuality; two essential ingredients for Tisci‘s designs.

If his history and in tuned approach with Givenchy is anything to go by – Dior are in for a treat. This is Courture perfection.


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