HANNA Felting, Nikita and Eyglo – Ice to Feist

In eager anticipation for this years Iceland Fashion Week Me and My Editor Adrian at Tall Dark Roast, were looking through the hotlist of what the Northern hemisphere has to startle our eyes – I came across these three Rubies in the water. HANNA Felting, Nikita and Eyglo. With an improvised new haul look at fashion, these three maestros have exquisite creations, beauteous to see.

HANNA Felting – High end fashion – femine and cutting edge. These illutrations of strongly derived ladies fashion come as a breath of fresh air. Light, fun with the playful accentuation of polka dot, tribal and repitoire tye dye designs.










Nikita – Opulence of street wear. Bright colours in mixed with the exuberence of comfortable outerwear. Paved Colour blocking with an excellence of casual charm.  The definition of Street Corture.










Eyglo – Focussing on the creativity of cut design – using the finest silks, satins and cottons to revel the fashion lovers eyes, with unique, detail and ideologies in design. Identifying the elements of street edge and sleek femininity. Futuristic meets todays modern web of fashion.










Full Articles for Iceland Fashion Week shortly on http://talldarkroast.com/


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