NYC… Fashionably Flavoured

Luxe boots, ruffle, flair, glammed chic, retro cosmic, geek chic and 60’s polished flare. It’s an abundance of fashion and hybrid youthful mix that makes New York City one of the central hot spots for Fashion.

Street Style is a big centre point for fashion – whilst writing a few street composed articles for my magazines – I decided to share a brief account of what in my eyes, makes NYC Fashion a focal point of the all encompassing Fashion Industry.

I’m thinking the classic vintage – which is more concentrated amongst inner city NY slickers than in the UK, plays a fundamental part in making up the fashion platform of so many young enthusiastic fashion followers.

Jenny Lombardo – one of NY‘s most sought after fashionista’s, makes east village vintage shopping a best friend of her oh so versatile wardrobe. Vintage is additionally a huge play stake for men’s fashion. Any Old Iron Store as featured by me in, Canada – is a versatile mix of geek chic mens wear with that extra vintage ‘brooch me, tweed me’ spin.

New York bares much resemblance to London in terms of it’s well fuelled multiple fashion facets – seasons play dispatch to style, and the identity of individual style is of primary imporatance.

Luxe sweater dresses, patch work denim, motorcyle jackets, needed wedges and the beauty of accessorising is kept in practice with the sleek, dividend of signature street looks. Contemporary meets yesteryear.

The home of Michael Kors, Isabel Marant and Ralph Lauren, to name a few – New York has an already set fashion sass to it’s cultural melting pot  – so similar to cities like London, Paris and Barcelona – experimentation with creativity is kept in strong focus.


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