Vivienne Westwood – A Movement

When we cantily wear out eyes over the pages of extravagant Westwood Designs – there is one thing fally that comes to mind – The woman has a strong infallable incite in to the world of infectiously dynamic fashion. Westwood has the ability to create and form in measures – delectably featuring the influences and personal changes she has experienced and bared witness, too.

Her 1980’s works were indeed a marvel, and for those of you fortunate to experience the stemming success of one of Fashion’s most prolific Designers, the change and systematic growth of her finery and ambition, is one that stands centre stage in the ever sensational world of fashion, today.

Aloof to the pardonibility of her growth, Westwood has continued to reinvent and master her designs. With pioneering judgement, and an individual nature to her evangelistic style.

Her post punk experience of design played hugely popular to those in the early 80’s – creating a strong stand in fashion and a bonded, concrete relationship between the genre so talked about and it’s unparallel succession with Fashion.

Who can forget the classic numero purple defined platform heels, Westwood designed in 1993? Fashion Muse Naomi Campbell dared all, by wearing the iconic heels at a fashion show – only to fall on the runway, Campbell, we felt for you, we really did.

The movement of her work has menifested a flurry of change and a radical post modernist sense to tailoring and fashion as a whole.

Creating breadth and intrinsic culminations to her edgy, designs – in a time, most found to be confounded by the measures and ‘institutionalised’ views on womens fashion.

By the late 80’s,  her designs were taken to new limits – Encompassing the altitude element of English feminine tailoring with distinguishing,  chic essence to her catwalk collections. Westwood elevated herself in to becoming a house hold name. Experimenting with fine tailoring – tweeds and tartans, whilst building a new fresh look to the aesthetics of Mens fashion. Westwood invested her heart and soul in to creating a more signature, visionary repetoire of  illustrious fashion.


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