Clear Gleaming: Emmanuelle Alt’s first Cover for Vogue Paris

As covered in my Emmanuelle Alt Style watch Post – The vixen, rock esque parisian queen of Vogue, has stepped in to the solid limelight with her first cover as Editor of the acclaimed fashion Magazine.

Featuring the beauteous Gisele Bundchen as her cover Muse, the shot itself is clean, accentuating the natural prowesque beauty of one of the fashion world’s most renowned; successful models. Dressed in a breath taking Dolce and Gabanna cotton hemmed dress – the photo, taken by Inez and Vinoodh, the setting works in perfect harmony, epitomising the strength, formidity and nature of the coming season.

Although I was surprised Alt did not take a more graphic rock and roll editrix approach to the cover – early news of Giselle‘s screening for the April issue, did spark off ideas, relating to uniqlo visions of more darker, edgy photography – instilled defiance to the shots, in congruence to Alt‘s distinguished classic off beat style.

As the essential package to being a good Editor, demands a sphere of knowledge, in keeping with the Magazine’s breadth and signature adherence to style.

Maybe we are to see the more biker chick, rock and roll creative domain in issues to follow – as Alt has quite openly conveyed a desire to accomplish.

However, in true, all encompassing nature of Paris Vogue, the cover is far from disappointing – fresh and fitting in perfect style for this bright and breazy Spring season.


2 thoughts on “Clear Gleaming: Emmanuelle Alt’s first Cover for Vogue Paris

  1. i love emanuelle’s style. rock chic. but i think her first cover is lame. it lacks the “UMPF” if you know what i mean

    • Hello my dear – Yeah, I’m quite surprised she’s opted for such a ‘fitting’ choice. I would have expected something more dynamic from her, in light of how different her style is. I guess this is the start of her acknowledgement for Vogue, and the change she can create will come with time. This is universal taste, so it’s in keeping with the ‘Spring’ look – I think it will change :o) xxxxxx

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