Emmanuel Ray – Epitome of an It Boy…


Emmanuel Ray – Style and Presenter extraordinaire. Finely composed, witty, with an effortless charm and aura. Ray has elevated himself in to becoming one of the most talked about Fashion/Cultural figures in London. With his passion for exploring and sharing talent within a multi facet of organisations and causes, Ray has ascertained his presence in the London social scene, quite unlike anyone else. His career in both modelling and television presenting, have gained him the applause and recognition, he fully deserves.

Having the personal honour of meeting Ray at this February’s London Fashion Weekend – it was only natural for me to ask for an interview, to which Ray‘s response was simply “Certainly.”

Ray was Born in Sri Lanka – being raised during the time of the civil war, his experience of hardship as a child has certainly governed his strong outlook on the importance of unity, as well as a fully fledged awareness of today’s need for cause and effect.

Whilst attaining two Scholarships, Ray spent the early years of his life looking after his younger siblings, with little to no idea that he would make it to where he is today.

Starting off his career as a model – Ray was spotted selling snacks on a beach at the age of 15. This was the founding point of his career, catapulting him in to the world of modelling, whereby he travelled around the globe to destinations such as The Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Ray‘s life came to a sudden stand still with a depressive leak to his all encompassing image and expression. By the mid nineties, Ray found himself struggling with his Drug and Alcohol addiction – closely encountered by other personal related problems.

With the help of trusted personal friend, Marcel Nagajek, Ray was given the help and determination to recover. By January 2009, Ray was clean from his addictions – ready to take that step back in to the world.

It was when he met BAFTA Award Winning Television Producer Simon Wilson in March 2009, that his life turned around. Training with Simon for a year enabled him to be the Emmanuel Ray he is today. His Career escalated dramatically – with him covering mass sought after Events such as London Fashion Week, The Clothes Show Live and Ideal Home Show.

It’s now that the intrinsic world of Emmanuel Ray is presented in the form of his strongly acclaimed column ‘Diary of an It Boy‘, that appears in London newspaper Laissez Faire. Interestingly written, Ray has created a new slant on the ‘Fashionisto’ life and style, a shared incite in to his world  for all to read. This side of the world’s new age equivalent to Sex and The City, from a quintessential male perspective. Ray’s column is dynamic, non conformist and edgy – with a clear cut narrative, it really is a delight to read.

Resolute to his distinguished presence amongst London’s most renowned professionals, Ray‘s quirky image and respected attributes, continue to keep his name at the top of many PR and Fashion  Business Insider’s lists. As well as this, Ray hosts his own events – inviting a range of professionals from across the board – people who have something intelligent to offer;  who work hard and aren’t afraid to show it.

A reflection on Ray’s life itself – Kind, focussed and intelligent. A maestro of self made success!

Emmanuel Ray‘s Full Interview with Me, will be featured on http://talldarkroast.com/ this week!  – Featuring exciting news on his latest projects and collaborations. Stay glued! – Updates very soon!


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