Colour Me Happy…

Remain incognito? – or play shiny to this summers emphatic composition of star colour. As covered in my earlier Post on this Summer’s hot trend – Colour Blocking, the main craze for this years sunny season is bright and bold. With the spill of igniting colouring and a sweet contrary mix of neutral palates –  a frenzy meeting of two individual constitutions of colour.

Be creative this season – bringing both to the lime light of your wardrobe – from neutral lip colours, to heavier print and statement colour clothing. Brightest of bright nails in self composed accompaniment of pastel shaded lace.  This season is all about what I like to call Rhythm with less Rhyme – Be your own stylist! Detail prints with pretty, flattering pinks, leopard and snake skin worn with adornment and character  – mastered with clear sheers in calming colours. Whimsical creams and whites – shaking hands with the dazzle of turqouise, limes, sun lit blasts of sunflower yellow and the boldest of tangerines.


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