London Fashion Weekend 2011

Taking an honoured stand at the footway of this February’s London Fashion weekend – a fashionable flurry of radiant colours, quirky personalities and mixed styles. Indeed a shoppers paradise this year, with renowned labels such as Roberto Cavalli, Maki, Linda Farrow and Trisani – presenting their vast range of collections at a ore fashionista affordable price.

The Catwalk show was unmissable – with front row seats, sitting next to none other than Laissez Faire’s Emmanuel Ray, the show presented by Zara Martin, was expressive, vivacious and strongly symbolised by 70’s colours, rich prints and innovative femme fatal design.

Drawing to the eye – the catwalk was graced by Swan Vesta, Bora Aksu, Lady Brights and the highlight of the show for me – Mark Fast.

Three hours of aching feet, was well worth the time to gander the embracing aisles of gullets, jackets, pants, herems, skirts and coats. A mirage of intricate design fabrics, with authentic style facets. A Fashion Ladies Dream!

I sneaked the opportunity to get some snaps of the LFW Fashion stylers, fortunate enough to tread the paths of Somerset House, for the event, too.



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