A Vision, A Picture: Mario Sorrenti

Mario Sorrenti, one of the Fashion and Arts World’s most provoking and charactered Photographers. Unifying Fashion and Art – manifesting them as personal tools, to pioneer the webbed connections of the creative world we live in.

Sorrenti has delivered some of the most explosive images in fashion and art, over and over again. Embellishing an expressive connection between the two most influential elements of self identity.

His vision of beauty, is illustrated in a non conventional way, instinctively daring, overt and indelible. Sorrenti’s imagination is an acute reflection of his photography, making a photograph more than just a printed vision, he makes it a picture, that tells it’s own story.

Being crowned the camera King of many Vogue Magazine Covers, Sorrenti evokes his individual ideologies of creative art, transcending a mirage of uniqlo personality and elegance. His images are magnetic, never coy to his passion – Sorrenti paints a picture that breaks any uniformed boundaries.

“I’ve Learned so much from the Camera. It’s like having a magnifying glass on your world, s complete explosion of the world around me.”

A formulaique mergence of captivating colours, natural movement and energy – Sorrenti‘s photography makes a bold, passionate statement.

Beautifully balanced imagery, that takes the relationsdhip between the Fashion and Art World to unparallel levels.


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