Rachel Zoe – Debut Fashion Collection – Chic Defined

Rachel Zoe, best credited for her Fashion Styling and Reality TV Show ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’, hosts her debut fashion line at New York Fashion Week.

Zoe has worked with many iconic fashion figures, both celebrities and inside figures of the industry. Personal stylist to the likes of Nicole Richie, Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes and Kate Hudson.

I particularly loved the transition she made with Nicole Richie, which in turn, made her the pioneer to the Boho look – over sized jewellery, glasses and tees – sheer fashion wonders.

Her Debut Collection is beautiful. A sharp collection of tweed, cotton, hems, frills and classic streamlined fits, remaining poignant to classic femininity, incorporating the edgy contrast of retro glamour. A euphoria of fashionable, chic georgettes’, sharp, 70’s inspired suits and elegant faux fur. Zoe has taken her years of experience to inspire and create a line of strong outer wear, embellishing the strength and dazzle of the 70’s.

The collection encapsulates a unique sustainability, and the influence of Dior and Chanel is evident – especially in the beauteous design of her suits. A chic, sharp sphere of fashion dazzle – Sure to more than appease those fortunate enough to attend her debut show.


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