K GUY – Street Art Personified

Over the past few years, K Guy has been recognised for decorating the streets of London Town with his niche edged design and style. Many of his pieces are influenced by discarded trash and a frenzy of everyday objects, as a basis for his craft and uniqlo visionary concepts.

Significant poignant undertones, to creations that have bought the street art of London to life. His work is indeed thought provoking, reflective to his  unafraid approach to making incisive observations and visual comments about what he sees.

2009 saw the street art master creating a sketch of Supermodel Kate Moss, titled ‘Coke Moss.’ The narrative indeed embarked a public frenzy, but of course as all things creative, the portrait eventually became an integral symbol of euphoric street art. K Guy eventually auctioned the piece off on Ebay for an impressive AUD $5,000.

K Guy‘s skill is to take an original object and to interpret it into his art as realistically as possible. No binaries in self expression, his raw mix of stencilling, spray painting, silkscreen to montage, enable him to transfix an image as closely to it’s originality as possible. Sometimes even degrading the quality of his images to draw on more edgy life like impression.

Exposing the grey lights of life, and taking a very anti hierarchy approach to his art – K Guy has often been compared to the art impressions of notorious Banksy. Though his gradient in Art is dynamic, his primary focus is to eliminate any false function in his creative representation – taking zero criticism from the more culturally elite.

This is satire defined street art, at it’s very finest.


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