Style Watch: {Japanese Street Fashion} Limi Feu

So here it is – it was coming folks, my quintessential love for Japanese Street Fashion. I’m well in the groove when it comes to all things bizaare and fashionably euphoric. There is no place quite like the streets of Tokyo, to cream those eager fashion senses – like love at first sight.

For anyone who hasn’t frozen their eyes on the sensations that make japanese fashion and culture what it is – where have you been? Some of the most influential big names in fashion have been injected by the emphatic, hypnotic world of this diverse and indelibly righteous culture.

Nigo, Junko Yoshioka, Issey Miyake and Takada Kenzo are just a few Designer names to mention.

A hybrid mix of edgy street wear, in harmony with heavy graphic prints, vertical explosions of genre excellence, in play with a magnetic execution of colour.

If I was to name one of my favourites – away from the pioneering excellence of Fashion Icon Nigo, I would have to transfix my pearly eyes on legendary Limi Feu.

Limi Feu masters the fashionable look of oversized silhouetted street glam. Embodying stripes, casual brimming pants, sharp contrasting Tees, Hats, Capri and Herem style trousers.

The best element to Japanese fashion is that it compiles together so easily. The looks are effortless, but so effective. Feu makes mixing monochrome and brighter bold palates of colour, simple. It’s the sheer illustration of shape and design that catches the eye.

Harajuku and Shibuya street fashion trends, encompass a desire to integrate significant pieces from Feu‘s design master pieces. Fresh, funky, catwalk alternative wear.

The S/S 2011 Collection showcases fine textures and bold facets of black and white – layered skirts, fringed blouses, oversized dresses in layers of cotton enthused fabrics, dazzling smart tailored suits and bulky Dr Marten inspired Boots. A labrynth of egdy sensuality – engaging in light and dark ideas of design conceptualisation.

For more on Limi Feu and to view the complete S/S Collection, go to:

For more information on Japanese Designers – in particular the Iconic Nigo, read my Article on Bape for TDR Magazine here –


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