The Return of Yoko Devereaux {Personal Fave} For Gilt Man

Yoko Devereaux. The hip brand that made it’s quintessential mark in Mens Fashion from 2000, is back. Creating an exclusive collection for Gilt Man.

Yoko Devereaux first claimed their pioneer fashion point in 2000 – with the invention of niche branded Tees for Men. A welcoming brand to a wide consumer following – enabling individual dynamic print lovers, the chance to create their own style, by providing a series of influential design templates. Yoko Devereaux saw the innovation of T Shirt design as a form of visual communication between Fashion, Music, Art and Commerce.














The success of Yoko deemed unstoppable, residing from the heart of NYC’s most hip, alternative trend setting hotspots – Williamsberg.

After a perplexing year in 2009, Yoko Devereaux made a saddening departure from the fashion world – leaving an individual bench mark in unique Tee Design, behind. Worn by celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and Brazillian Girls, this was indeed a sad moment in the niche market of the fashion industry.

Last year saw the return of the iconic brand, as they teamed up with the webs boldest new retailer Gilt, to make exclusive capsule collection ‘Gilt Man.’
















The collection included signature design pieces, the Fleece Blazers as well as new designs that mixed refined tailoring, unexpected fabrics and edgier silhouettes. Enabling a new creative freedom, but keeping the classic Yoko Devereaux man at heart.

This year brings Yoko Devereaux to a welcoming staged return with the keen eye and enthusiasm of YD Founder, Andy Salzer. “2009, was a tough year. As painful as it was, it gave me the time to step back and get some long, overdue perspective.”

With the Gilt Man collaboration, as well as many others on the way – the return of Yoko Devereaux, revives the fresh dynamic and creative approach to fashion, that has been greatly missed by followers the world round.



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