The Definition Of Phillip Lim

The S/S 2011 unleashing of strong knits, apron style dresses, hanging tassles, tied up leather bags and chunky buckled belts. Philip Lim is Spring Summer Chic – dress up, dress down personified.

This is a collection that brings back the pleasurable style and look of 21st century modern enthused craftsmanship looks.

Pictures Courtesy of Fashion Toast.

Neutral signature tones – embellished with romantic layering, hip and fresh. Beauteous styled feminine designs – cross stitching, cotton balanced, knit defined. This is quintessential womens wear, simple and devine – easily worn as unique one piece attire or freshly accessorised with an ambiance of style esque jewels.

Well combined season looks, with an array of modern meets post modern inspired designs, think dainty meets daring РMid belly length jumpers and jerseys, finely embroidered patterns on sheer georgette dresses, sculpted back drop designs, long sheer vests, cute multi layered skirts and hem lined shorts Рmodestly patterned.  Mid length Tess, with the flattery of just enough ribcage to add that edgy charisma alive.

Sequin Seduction -Characterised leggings, Long sleeved tees, Tops (culminating two to three multi material styles), mid length dresses, all embodying sequin details, sheer fabric – satin and sheer loved.

Natural colours with a sprinkling of washed out greens, pinks and yellows, to keep an illustrative liveliness to the line.

In addition, bulky buckled friendly use bags, clutches and a generous collection of pocket, lock wallets in cream and black – simply adorable.


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