Say Fashion Rocks!

It’s 2011 – with a flurry of seasonal trends ahead of us. The year that sparks of a procurement of funk, glamour, street fashion and fusing styles. If you are anything like ce moi, your love for fashion and the arts will be touching fingers at this point. As fashion and all arts make for a creative tool in a multiple of facets.

Previously staging a number of acts in collaboration with showcasing fashion brands – Fashion Rocks elevates the relationship between the two perfectly. A meeting of two fine forces on the big screen. Previous performances have included Lilly Allen for Chanel, P Diddy for Versace, Ciara for Givenchy, Estelle for Lenny Niemeyer and Shy Child for Stella McCartney.

This year’s Fashion Rock‘s is set to being as electrifying an event as ever, with a host of celebrities, musicians and fashion gurus straight from the heart of the fashion industry.

Fashion Rocks is so much more than a brand – it’s a transcending discourse towards fashion and music is unimaginable – connecting the strong bond between these two fundamental ideals that shape and influence the world we live in.

Hosted by the Princes TrustFashion Rocks has been an event that breaks all conventional boundaries of fashion and music – encouraging creative and diverse collaborations and drawing on an acute awareness of these two distinct bodies of the artistic world.

With ever changing ideas and concepts in the making of Fashion Rock‘s extraordinary events, the brand itself is taking their energy and dynamics to another level in fashion and music.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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