Black Swan – An Inspiration to Fashion

After watching the dazzling screenplay of Natalie Portman in Black Swan, not only was I left in awe regarding her role and acting credential – but something enearthed a real sensual connection to fashion whilst watching the film.

Black swan is an excellent on screen representation of feminine movement, power and change. I was a ballet/contemporary dancer for years, the enchantment and freedom of movement sparks a stark resemblance to that of fashion – chic with a naturally enthused chemistry – sensual and free.

The wardrobe for Black Swan is engaging – almost like watching your favourite couture show on the big screen. Embodying its character references to shades of pastel creams, moves, indelible darker textures with an undeniable mystique of glamour.

Portman delivers the sensitive sensuality of her character so well Рafter all, in a movie so relative and dependent on the acute portrayal of  feminine strength Рit would be equally as essential for the female to deliver a characterised message through costume, as it would be through her narrative.

Brazen makeup, in perfect relationship with daring textures, makes the costumes so intense and transfixing throughout the movie. The visual interpretation of Portman‘s journey to the dark side, pays particular relevance to the change in theme, colours and mood influenced costume.

Cinema has always played a prominent part in fashion – similar to Art, it governs a collected, creative interpretation. Opening doors to an expressive movement, encompassing modernism and post modernism. Let’s hope cinematic art like Black Swan, continues to have an indelible influence on the Fashion World for years to come.


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