Balmain – Luxe Boots – Fierce and Sexy!

Defining you Street Style…

It’s official. I am now deeming my new love affair for Balmain. Throughout last year Balmain made their mark by introducing cutting edge innovative clothing. Street style, unmissable – with alluring cuts and rebel esque femine qualities to their range.

The most sexy aspect to their clothing, is the tear away, radical finerys. Playing happy to a wide range of accessories and avante garde street style jackets, skirts, tights and above all Boots.

The suede enthused styles are the best. Zipped fastenings, fold collars, extra long lace and bold, bulky buckles, make for an endearing, rebellista theme in footwear. Sleek and sexy – perfect for showing off those slendour pins!

My Faves…

These are sexy and tough Luxe boots – the extra ‘sexify’ element to any outfit. Worn with a sexy dress or capri pants – it really doesn’t matter – the boots make an integral stand out point for themselves. The sharp kick heels add to the va va voom element of these street inspired beauties.

Vastly popular, especially after their show stopping appearance at the Balmain Spring 2010 RTW Fashion Show, and continuing to make a dramatic stand at this years A/W 2011 Fashion Weeks. These fierce, electric boots make for an individual look. Evoking a unique strength in the mix of catwalk glamour.


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