Style Post: London VS India – Street Style {Collaboration With Guest Writer Nikita Butalia}

Unleashing The London Look.

London, a central figurative point for fashion. The fashion industry has deemed host to so many dynamic, signature looks from here, an abundance of wallflower girl next door, fashion freak retro and street demure, have paved the way for a cabaret of unique, yet universally friendly themes, making London a more than worthy city for fashion.
Being the mecca of fashion – season by season – this is done by boasting the latest high street fashions, and fostering funky street wear styles in it’s outlying markets. Dynamic designers and eager fashion gurus embark on taking over the various boroughs of london by storm.
A candied mirage of individual conceptualisation and style, London plays happy to a creative and alternative world of fashion. Fashion is configured and influenced by a number of non conformist, imaginative factors. The sheer spirit and artistic aura that is ever evident, makes for an authentic playground, an open invitation to all creative minds and expressive fashionistas! Forever changing, the most prolific element of London fashion, is that it paints a representative portrait of the individual. No coaxing is needed here – the fundamental rules of fashion engagement are self known and highly respected.
Lets take an insight in to the electric, eccentric looks that make London Street Style!
Punk Wear – Ripped to the Edges…

Punk wear – an ambiance of striking and edgy attire, worn casually or dressed up with an array of versatile vintage inspired, cutting edge masked jewellery flavour. Think Rock meets Boy George, an understatement in mainstream eyes, but a sphere of beauteous, overt dressing. Bold and state signified.
Balmain (A personal favourite of mine) has made a vital impression on many London based designers. The deep cut lines and expression of carefree biker explosion jackets are a definite yes in any London girl’s style book.
A look that’s hard to master, the range of gun me down classic punk and vintage pieces are easily available in Camden Town (Lock) and the streets of Soho. Smaller vintage influenced boutiques with a rapid collection of jackets, boots, ripped in jeans and boy toy accessories.
Retro Funk – The Capital of Spunk…

We are talking retro 60’s and 70’s style. Although this S/S is hosting this trends with world wide vengeance – The retro ‘cool flare’ trend has been an integral part of London Fashion for decades.
The Frill skirt, sheer and geometric patterned tights, opaque to checked blouses, deep stitched capes and dynamic tassled leather skirts and skinny pants. It’s all the range for London Town .A parody of accessories – Satchels, top hold bags and bright clutches.
Beyond Retro is one of the most sought after stores in london, catering to a mass following of this particular look. Hip, funky and sexy. Another Big Retro store in the heart of central London is Rokit. A fusion of undeniably hot dishevelled funk.
Urban – It’s the Tick…

Urban Street wear has been on the main London fashion scene for many years now, focussing primarily on the infusion of denim meets leather. Skater inspired themes and embroidered stitch to add that extra illustrative element to personal design.
T shirts – celebrity influenced, Sneakers and Checks – all encompassing to creating that vital Urban rebel look. Everything Hip Hop is a store that makes it’s stand point as the epitome of Urban design. Fashionably quilted jackets, layered shirt on T shirts – materials that scream ‘Urban Class.’
Bold, symbolised jewellery – most popular being in a palate of silver and black. A stark commentary to how urban clothing should be minimally accessorised. A classic case of less is more.

Boho Rhapsody – The Flair of Fashion…

Bohemian fashion. This is a major fashion discipline for any trend setting London Fashionista. Versatile and fresh, from day to evening. The Boho look is flattering and seemingly effortless. For the day to day hussle of London life, it makes easy for those who like to minimize their style in a fruitful, colour friendly way.
Two Female maestros of this look are Sienna Miller and Kate Moss. Particulary resolute to their improvisation of girl next door meets radiant, chic.
An array of soft pastels; pinks, creams, greys merged with a multi array of colour founded feminine accessories. Heavily encrusted necklaces, beads, ethnic characterised bracelets, boy hats, sheers, lace and shawls – A fashion epidemic!
Many Boho fashion followers shop in style at locations like Soho, Camden, Kentish Town and various parts of East London like Hoxton. In the mix of all fashion adds ons, that enable this look to be so varied and easily expressed with other moods and trends. A stand point in London Fashion!


Nikita Butalia – Fashion Writer and Consultant – Blogger: Hub Pages:

Walking out into market places, well-dressed youngsters are all over, all in abundance- All on a mission! Each individual has their own personal style, all just as great. There’s no doubt they dress smart. Here’s a glimpse of today’s youth, today’s style and today’s India.

For we make our own style, we make a statement. So what’s India’s street fashion? It’s all about being comfortable, all for being crisp. Smart is the way to go!

Being Casual

If you’re going to be out the whole day, you gotta be comfortable. And lets face it- Comfort and style are a tough match. Along the day, you tend to get a bit edgy. So if you’re on the go, even if its just shopping, give comfort its due importance.

Romila, comes up with a good solution. A simple black tee with good angles: In terms of neckline and sleeves, does the trick. Paired with grey wrap-around pants and casual slippers, you’re well at ease, and it shows. Carry that tiny clutch, and tie your hair in a bun- no fancy updo, just one that’s comfy. Put on that light pink lip colour, slight eye liner and get on with your day!

The key to this look, is to keep it simple:

Don’t over-do your outfit.

Don’t go heavy with accessories. Keep them to a minimum.

Keep the makeup light, just basic.

Go for neutral shades.

Keep it plain, keep it easy.

Flip Flops are great, else gladiators go well.

While going for a bun, don’t dig the messy look.

Comb all the hair together into the bun- Go sleek!

Keep the belts away: The lesser, the better. An added accessory is just another thing to manage!

The Tough Look

When you’re walking out for a long day with friends, Jeans are the way to go. Wear shorts, and you’re gaped at. In India, shorts are meant for malls. The streets call for Jeans.

Since India tends to skip spring, that little phase between winter and summer requires pullovers and thin jackets. The tough chic on the street, is smart in jeans.

Mansi Batra, projects just that look. Rockstuds are in this season. Grey jeans with silver rockstuds around its pockets is all you need to be the biker babe.

Grey is the colour of the tough. Silver sneakers compliment the grey- black, striped tank top. The pink jacket looks super with its matching grey borders.

The jacket carelessly hung over the shoulder, spells cool. It adds and attitude essential to the tough.

The beauty of the outfit lies in the colour-coordination, yet it doesn’t get too matchy, which is always a plus point.

A plain, thin black necklace is ideal for the black stripes the outfit’s got.

When all designers splurge on rockstuds this season, Mansi goes all out with the studs that line her ear!

Like her style?

How to get it:

Keep in mind those rockstuds.

Grey is the way!

Denim is the shortcut.

Be careful with those colours.

Jeans are your easiest bet.

Dressing Crisp

Dressing smart isn’t always formals. Clothes that fit you well, flaunt those curves and the angles, are all part of smart dressing.

If you’re going out with your girls, or leaving for an easy day at work, it always pays to dress smart. It makes you feel good about yourself. Gives your day some pace. Smart is the best compliment to style.

You don’t always have to wear designer outfits to be that fashionista! Clothes that fit you well, colours that look good on you, are simple ways to dress better.

Deepashri Shripad, dresses crisp and dresses smart. Black compliments her skin tone, and she uses the colour to her advantage.

A patterned black and white woolen dress, coupled with black leggings and a thin black pullover beat the chill, and flaunt those lovely curves!

The brown boots go well with the look, further adding the wintery feel to her look.

The dull orange-brown handbag, true to the season as not going to bright with it, breaks the monotony of basic colours she has used with her outfit.

She balances her makeup well: keeps the makeup on the eyes light, and the lips bright and red.

The red emphasizes on one feature at a time. Colouring the eyes and the lips both at the same time, don’t gel great. That’s too much colour on you.

Deepashri keeps the basic colours as a base, and uses the accessories and the makeup to add colour to the look.

Dress smart and co-ordinated.

Clothes should fit well. If your clothes hang loose, they’re far from smart. Well-fitting clothes are crisp.

Baggies are out.

Makeup and emphasis on one feature is important, instead of highlighting more than one.

Wear those boots. They’re an essential winter accessory!


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