Ed Hardy… Love.

Sifting through my many satchels, in what seems like a fortress of bags from yesteryear – I come across the one I truly love and wear over and over. I’ve always been a lover of Ed Hardy – clothes and accessories that really deliver that characterised, extra edgy look. To me, Hardy‘s accessories scream ‘radical’ and ‘sexy.’

All in the range this SS, Hardy has a diverse collection of satchels, top hold bags, slings and backpacks – the selection for men is incredible. Detailed and urban street stated.

Away from generically situating myself from my known west London territory, Hardy’s range reminds me alot of the kind of retro funk I have seen in Barcelona – especially in La Ramblas. The patterns and pop art meets neon wave illustration works particularly well on the black leather variety – giving that extra sharp, bold element to the product.

I as many others, can fully appreciate the prolific effect that Ed Hardy has on fashion – in twine with my love for Limi Feu and Nigo, I love the ideology of fierce characterised prints in fashion. Hard to master, and equally as tricky to make an elevated impression. This technique, experimented with the world round, with so many emerging designers capitalising on the volume of creative opportunities available – makes it a challenge to stand out.

These works of Art, pair so well with other genres of fashion – raw, bizaare and unforgettable.


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