What is your Fashion Fruit? Greece has the Answer…

Craving the delights I find in my scared jewellery baskets – it occurs to me, just how strong a statement jewellery can make. I as many, can spend hours trailing the collections of authentic jewellery, both in the UK and abroad.

I’ve always found the funkiest jewellery to be abroad – European retro driven, geometric influenced, or more ethnic, sequin and colourful jewellery.

Introducing My Fashion Fruit – The answer to an electric mix of bold, fashionable jewellery, personalised and drawing to the eye, originating from Greece.

Founded by my beautiful friend Amaryllis Tsitouri, this flavour of funk fashion jewellery is individual and versatile. With a distinct retro, deviant aura, Amaryllis has created a selection that screams ‘Want Me!’

Having worked in the Fashion industry for a number of years, Amaryllis has gained an acute knowledge of what chic, image  aware women thrive for.

“I wanted to introduce a range that was dynamic and kind of edgy – a reflection of my own take on fashion.”

The selection of jewellery ranfes from detailed sequin and embroidered necklaces, bracelets and rings, to more heavy retro inspired pieces.  Satin and silk lace bow inspired necklaces, stone incrusted rings and bracelets – this is indeed a jewellery fanatics haven. The trend appeal of this line is obvious from the moment you enter the website – bright, edgy and youthful – an illustration of the type of audience these stunning selections, would attract.

Although the site has a vast collection of clothing and equally as stunning knits and scarve accessories, My Fashion Fruit keeps it’s primary enthusiasm on jewellery. Alluring and persuasive, the composition of bright, intricate detail will leave you looking at the site for hours!

Above: Make a Bold Statement: New Ring Range coming soon to My Fashion Fruit

“We have gained alot of popularity and are continuing to do well” Says Amaryllis, “I hope that more people get to know about our site – it’s a platform for essential creativity.”

Amaryllis Tsitouri of My Fashion Fruit

Above: Amaryllis Tsitouri of My Fashion Fruit

The ideology behind My Fashion Fruit is to distinguish jewellery and clothing as being more than just an accessory to your identity, but to be all encompassing – an integral part to your fashion character. Accessorising can be the essential tool that determines an individuals fashion mystique – a focal point that encapsulates on more than just their clothes – My Fashion Fruit does this perfectly!

To view the Full range of hip and trendy Jewellery, bags and Clothing, go to:  http://www.myfashionfruit.com


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