Superga – Loves their New Face – Alexa Chung…

Ok, so we all have our favourite design and style icons. Walking down the streets on Notting Hill on a beautiful sunny day, we see the figurative emancipation of so many icons we love to see and read about. However, there is one fashion beauty that engages in her own style, repetoire uncanny to any other.

Alexa Chung – the hot trend icon, who has continued to experiment with style, exclusive to her signature hybrid collectives. Alexa has made her mark in the fashion world as being one of the most talked about style icons of today. Her fresh looks and care free attitude to fashion has won the hearts of many fashion followers the world round.

She is now the new face for renowned Italian Sneaker brand Superga – steering off stiff competition, her eye catching good looks and positive enthusiastic approach to the fashion business, has indelliby made her the face for the much sought after brand.

Chung first made her entry in to the fashion world at the mere agae of 16. Spotted at the Reading Festival by modelling scouts, including Storm. From this point, Chung appeared in many fashion campaigns, including Urban Outfitters, Sunsilk, Fanta and Sony. She also made her debut in music videos for the likes of The Streets, Delta Goodrum and Reuben.

After modelling for four years, Chung decided to take her interest in fashion to another level – concentrating more on the Journalism aspect of her passion. She soon made her debut to television, still keeping a balanced par with her modelling. Appearing in Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label show for S/S 2009.

With her flawless looks and vibrant, varied style, it is no wonder that Supergra have selected Miss Chung as their new representitive. Chung brings a new UK electric feel and presence to the brand – collaborating at the mark of Supergra‘s 100th Anniversary, the preppy, sporty brand are looking to empower more of a fresh and funky image – a factor Chung will make effortless in their campaign.

Due to launch in February, this looks like an exciting and innovative partnership, taking the sneaker label to unparallel highs, and opening more doors for the hip, dynamic icon, herself.


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