Osbourne Shoes… the Creative Funk of Footwear!

They made their re-entry into the fashion A list for trend lovers last December – and the comfy, patterned, quirky numbers are forever in my wardrobe – Osborne Shoes.

I love this line, fashionable, comfortable and creatively quirky. Individual and memorable in any lady’s wardrobe. The epitome of footwear funk!

Locally sourced and traded fairly, these characterised shoes meets lie low socks are perfect for anyone who adores minimal effort and artistic individual style, from day to evening.

Osborne Shoes originates from co founder Aaron Osborne, whose family runs one of the biggest orphanages in Guatamala. Osborne collaboratively discovered a new wave of friendly, fashionable, shoes in blance with what can sometimes be a hard grafting world. Seeing the conditions and needs for basic humanitarian yet comfortable foot wear, got the duo thinking – Looking for a way to govern these basic needs with a fashion project, led to the opening of Osborne Shoes.

Today, Osborne shoes is operative world wide, with a vast selection of patterned and deep stitched pieces. Catering to personal choice.

What makes the Osborne concept so very different, is their approach to seasonal fashion trends. Unlike their more conventional counterparts, Osborne refuses to conform to season by season ranges, focussing more on the capsule collections that run through out the year. Practicing with originality and manifesting looks that evoke a signature ‘individual’ status to the brand.

A brand that projects a sense of urban meets relaxed folk aura, fitting to it’s natural, effortless presence in the industry.


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