Early Peak – The Milan Man Countdown… Marc Jacobs!

In promising style, this years Milan Fashion Week played host to a creative array of Menswear. In true Milan spirit, the platform of Italian Stallion slender tones, cottons and satins, made wave infront of an ever diverse audience.

I can think of Versace, Dior and Armani when I imagine creative aura and vivacious design for Male a La Mode – but this year, an ever growing favourite of mine has to be, Marc Jacobs.

Taking to the stage – with his signature monochrome tones, on slim line fitting suited and quintessentially fine detailed fabrics – soft meets undeniably sexy.

To accompany his more muted finerys, a contrary take on accessories was presented. Studded design on belts; leather and metallic chromes, various eye catching leapord prints on shoes and satchels. Think minimal metro meets daring and bright.

Particular emphasis this year was paid to generous detail on Jumpers and Shirts. Picasso enthused prints and random deep stitched play work. Original and upbeat.

Playing close attention to fur detail on lengthy coats, whilst keeping a minimalist approach to military uniformed jackets and grey pastel leathers.

Shoes were an amazing part to the Jacobs selection, this year – a mix of art illustration and polished 1950’s smart to his designs. Think Chuck Taylor’s meet the Saddle Shoe. Bobby Boxers would be proud!

Sharp, masculine and forever understated – Intelligent accessories, explosive and creative, the way Jacobs does it best.


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