Carine Roitfeld – Under The Cover…

Here it is – Carine Roitfeld‘s second to last publication as Vogue Paris Editor in Chief. This is a sad moment for more than just the avid followers of the profoundly talented Editor.

Carine has risen over the years as commanding Editor for one of the most sought after and loved Vogue publications of all time.

A saddening exit to a personal favourite of mine, Roitfeld started her career at Vogue in 2001. Prior to this Roitfeld was a model and was working as a freelance stylist and writer with ELLE France – during this time she met and built a strong connection with the renowned Fashion Photographer Mario Testoni. The duo were soon collaborating on projects and various shoots with American and French Vogue. For a further six years Roitfeld worked with quintessential designer, Tom Ford, for which she worked on various high end fashion projects alligned with personal consulting.

Chairman of Conde Nast International- Johnathan Newhouse, approached Roitfeld in early 2001, offering her the Editorial position with French Vogue.

The ten years of Roitfeld’s career has seen her bring some of the most famous legends in fashion to the epitome of greatness. Her charisma and earthy passion for the industry has made her one of the most respected and credited women in Fashion, today.

Though the position of Editor in Chief governs the neccessity for authority a non flakey commitment, Roitfeld‘s confident, clear understanding of the fashion world and all who are part of it, has made her an iconic and mastered figure amongst all  inside and outside the industry.

So where does Roitfeld go from here? With just two weeks left before former Fashion Director Emanuelle Alt takes his position as new Editor in Chief, the queen of French Vogue has many personal projects and collaborations to look forward to.

The completion of her Biography by Oliver Zahm titled ‘Album of a Woman in Fashion’, and rumours of launching her own label – Carine will certainly continue to make her unified presence in the world of Fashion.

As her saying goes “You can be spiritual and wear anything – It’s important to make style an expression of who you are – of your soul.” Roitfeld‘s belief and passion, continuing we hope for many years in the future.


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