Berlin Fashion Week – It’s all the Buzz…

So this year reigns the return of one of the most ominous, collective Fashion Weeks in Europe –Berlin Fashion Week. A signature event along with Milan, Barcelona and Paris Fashion Weeks – courteous to taking some of the most breath taking designs to the catwalk.

This year is just as exciting as any previous – showcasing innovative structures and fashion flare, BREAD and BUTTER International Trade Fair – specialising in urban and street wear, taking place at the Tempelhof Airport.

The PREMIUM Fashion Fair, 5 Elements Berlin – focussing on a collection of  seductive lingerie and bodywear and BRIGHT – The Street wear Fair – Jealous? Just a little!

This year promises to voice the more political stand on fashion, as an enterprise and industry of fair service and production.

TheKey to, will offer participants to voice their opinions on Eco Friendly clothing – E commerce and Fair trading. Fashion Weeks the world round give people from all areas of fashion, a chance to collaborate and share points of view in addition to an exchange of styles and themes in the fashion market.

The Six days are going to be filled with events for both the classic fashion minded and those wishing to learn more about the industry itself.

An array of catwalk exhibitions – including Laurel, Kilian Kerner, Allude, Bllack Noir, Guess and Kviar Gauche. A heavy concentration on emerging talent and sections devoted to Romanian Designers.

A vast collection of extra parties and events, including – Gala Fashion Brunch, Fashion Rock Night, Fame and Fashion Night, Swedish – Fashion Film Event and my favourite – James Dean – A Different Icon.

Yes I am over run with Jealousy, I’m sure you are, too!


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