Tom Ford – Design Genius

So, Tom Ford made his revolutionary stage in the world of womens wear. Taking the plunge was shown as an ‘easy stretch’ for the fantastically spirited and driven designer.

Although their had been a certain amount of secrecy surrounding the show itself, Ford was excited about having his friends wear his designs at his exclusive event.

The most important element for Ford was that ‘everyone was having fun.’ A belief that he maintains should play a dominant part in the lives of people who love fashion.

Ford’s collection is both classy and edgy – a simulation of stand out colours, block colour enthusiasm, with a friendly attachment to accessories. An array of tassels, leopard prints, delicately hemmed frills and with a boasting of retro feel buttoned down sexiness. Ford enveloped the relationship between cutting edge fashion and being a woman, perfectly.

Bridging his vision for the unusual and representing a diverse range of looks, each as admirable as the other. Bold, sexy and sculptured. A range that any woman would be engaged too.

Ford quoted “The collection was designed for a wide range of women, of different ages and body types and personalities.” This is something intelligently illustrated in his collection, grasping the concept of shape and the freedom of individual identity.

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