L’Oreal has No Doubt…

Beating the stiff competition of some of the most fashionable celebrities in town, Gwen Stefani is the new fresh face for Beauty Emporium, L’Oreal.

When asked what she felt in earth of being chosen for something so phenomenal, she replied “Ecstatic.” Being part of such an extraordinary empire in Makeup, certainly governs the versatility and style of the person representing the product.

Following in the famous footsteps of Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez, Stefani will be materialised as being the ‘new girl on the block’ in the eyes of the French home of beauty.

Her flawless porcelain skin and trademark red hot lips, have been admired by fans since her early career days as lead singer with infectious music group, No Doubt. Since elevating into her solo career, Stefani has shown great interest and passion for fashion – launching her own line of Harajuku inspired street and urban clothing named L.A.M.B. Her style has always been street and sassy, carefree and cool. Her beauty spheres the eyes of fashion far and wide, with countless variables to her look,  unique and boundless.

At 41, with her 1930’s striking looks and fashionably cool persona, it is no wonder that the glamouress goddess has won the hearts of L’Oreal.  Gwen is dynamic and sassy, a great presence for one of the most talked about facets in the world of makeup.

Gwen Stefani will be the kicking off her L’Oreal Campaign, for the Infallible Le Rouge Lip Colour – making it’s first appearance on US Channel NBC this coming Sunday.

For more information on the French Home of Makeup, visit: http://www.loreal.co.uk


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