Glory to the World Of Specs – FUNK Britain…

Fashion and art is always reinventing itself. Our collections of designer inspired clothing and jewellery expands on a seasonal basis, for most the constitution of fashion stands by what we feel explores our individual identities. We all endeavour to find an identity in this domain, that emancipates a passion true to ourselves.

Uber Cool and Trendy, those are two words that sum up the diverse freshness and unique utility of FUNK Eyewear.

Let’s take a LOOK!

Appealing to a mass audience – FUNK has opened a gateway to creating a ‘fashion’ for eyewear unlike any other.

FUNK is an eyewear line established over 18 years ago by renowned Dieter Funk, who revolutionalised the trend of fashionable, and friendly, wearable eyewear. Creating a subculture in this particular area of the fashion world.

The origin and birth of FUNK comes from a small village in Bavaria called Kinsau – this is the core of FUNK – where unusual design meets original concept, where the frames are designed and manufactured.

Dieter conceptualises the ideology that ‘there is no limit’ to the diversity of range with his frames, a traveller by nature, Dieter visited some of the most sought after fashionably cosmopolitan cities for inspiration to his designs. In a Niche market, that for many is hard to conquer, FUNK have elevated their line by conceptualising the hip and individual – two imperative ingredients in fashion.

FUNK comprises of a vast array of designs – making their eyewear more about the individual – personal choice and confidence is the key tool here.

The Range that hosts a collection twice a year, has made happy to it’s devout following, in sync with the moods and trends that their styles inspire. With a collection of over 400 frames, presenting a wide range of styles, colours and frames. An interesting and exciting time for the line, as this S/S 2011 makes centre stage for an enthusiasm for 60’s and 70’s influenced eyewear accessories.

With FUNK Britain and four stores in Germany – The line has already made it’s mark in the European fashion world and is looking to expand it’s name through 2011, becoming a ‘must have’ name to any fashion lovers collection.

The most amazing thing about eyewear, is that it can be worn as the accessory to played down attire or can be worn at convenience – the choice is yours, which is why FUNK‘s range is so all encompassing to it’s diverse followers.

Here’s a taster of some of the range that FUNK has to offer: -Bold, defined with round and cat eye enthused frame shapes. Innovated design with contrasting black to bright colours. – Fetching to a wide audience. Coloured lenses, diverse frame shapes; aviator, vintage, boulevard inspired. Classic retro, loyalty to an array of colours. – Sharp and sexy. Monochrome enthused frames – Geek chic, minimalist and smart. We’re thinking making an understatement through daintily, clever design.

FUNK brings design to the fore front of their appeal. For what was once an ‘added’ accessory, now makes wave to becoming the next big thing in the fashion world.

I’m personally a huge lover of eyewear, frame size for me is a big element to my choice. If I’m to highlight my fave three from their ranges, it would have to be these:

Eager Beaver in Red (FUNK Royal Collection)

Magnus ( FUNK Sashee Schuster collection)

And… Fudge Pie – in Black (FUNK Food Wear Collection)


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