Design Museum… In All Forms of Art.

It’s official – the heart of London is mine and any creative person’s playground. We all know that London is one of the most dynamically offering cities for all creative minded types. Art Galleries, Museums, Music Venues and Fashion Venues are everywhere to be seen. From the more conservative events, to the kinder of extra informative – London is a stand piece for all.

The Design Museum, located directly by the River Thames, is one of the most explosive venues in London. It is more than ‘just’ a museum. The youthful vibe and essence of mind blowing creativity is in a word, captivating.

The deep interest in exploring niche, unusual art and conceptual ideas on design, is strongly evident by the sheer volume and variety of exhibitions and show rooms. Educating the visitors to the museum is an essential element to the people behind the Design Museum.

Every year the museum hosts galleries, live shows and lectures for all with an enthusiasm to learn more about the Creative Arts, taking a real interest in educating people on how art and fashion is more than just an existence, an industry – on how the concepts and realism of these areas are bought to life. A representation of the truthful etymology and expressive talent, that make the arts what it is.

One of the current exhibitions Design Museum are showing is simply named ‘Drawing Fashion.’ In celebration of some of the most renowned Fashion illustrations from the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

If you are a lover of Fashion, you will love this – displaying illustrations from the likes of Chanel, Dior and Laicrox. A true celebration of Fashion meets Art.

Along with highlighting the fine talents of yesteryear and present day – Design Museum encourages those who are emerging in the fields of Design and Art, to showcase their work. An example of this is ‘The Designers in Residence Programme’, marking a stand point of opportunity for all promising Interior Designers.  This will give those a chance to present their talents, in order to win the opportunity to create an individual commission, which would be displayed in the Design Museum, in August 2011.


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