Size Matters…

Fold your nicest dresses, coco that shimmy skirt and draw attention to this – Mince pies this christmas?? Shock horror! Damn it, there goes me fitting into my perfect size ten’s in the new year.

Why does size play havoc on us caminial types? Does Valentino tell us to refrain from eating your grandma’s roast dinner, or is it the incentive we place in our own little box – more commonly referred to as our heads.

Fundamentally, I would consider the latter, after all, we all like to much on that extra yorkshire pudding or dazzle our taste buds to the inevitable chocolate cake, we refuse to take our eyes off.

Winter time is made for us to acertain a devotion to layers of clothing. I personally find less than three jumpers a reason to navigate myself to the tropics. So what difference does eating a little extra and hiding it under our clothing make? Well the answer is – none.

The fashion industry today is harmonious at recognising the size plus needs for classic, high order fashion, which is in my mind fantastic, surpressing the need for conformed eligibility. Some people class this as some sort of a placebo, I strongly disagree. Our body shapes are not what define us, just like devouring in the colour red, doesn’t make it the new black.

After all what is a woman without shape? It’s like eating your pudding without a spoon!


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