Calling Chanel…

We’ve all bared witness to some of the most exquisite Chanel designs to bless the global catwalks. We play hungry killer to the countless number of diverse designs season by season, that continue to be marvelled by fashion lovers alike.

Chanel stands out in practically every genre and domain of the Fashion world. Whether it be casual, couture, accessories, shoes and jewellery – Chanel has your number. The ready to wear collections continue to amaze me. The traditional Tweed suits continue to appear in the shows, and is notably the most influenced style, admired and mirrored by designers, the world round.

Chanel screams understated sexiness – drawing the eye to the volume of detail used in the design of their garments. Who can forget the iconic quilted leather handbags? Forever a favourite; irreplaceable and the cream of modest admirers.

This S/S 2011 takes Chanel to yet another level of fashion eye candy. With the renowned tailored look, Chanel proposes strong, bold cuts – experimenting with monochrome, expanding to feminine pastels on pallette.

Playing with checks, tassels, layed cottons and floral georgettes, mixing and matching the flow of colour on the catwalk.

Skirts, delicately hemmed, with flow and more emphasis this season on shape, Chanel defines the hybridity of pattern and boldness, presenting lace and extra detail with minimalist colour – palm to palm with maintaining the perfect female stature.

Tweed and cotton, of course play for primary incentive this season – the famous in cut hemming of Chanel’s art remains in abundance. Added is the playful funk and edgy rebel look. Cannot help but love it!


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